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Apple Berry Mojito Infusion Bundle

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From prep to pour, this value-packed bundle contains everything you need to create an unforgettable infusing experience. Pro tip—it’s the perfect gift for DIYers and cocktail enthusiasts.  

This pre-measured mix lays the foundation for a perfectly balanced cocktail—delightfully citrusy and not too sweet.  Our Apple Berry Mojito is the perfect summer sipper, but we love it all year-round.


  • Combine infusion mix with 12oz of spirit
  • Refrigerate for 3 days minimum
  • Follow the recipe or craft something that’s uniquely you!



-1 1/2 oz Apple Berry Infusion

-1/3 oz Simple Syrup

-3 large strawberries

-Soda water


-Muddle Strawberries and simple syrup in a rock glass. Fill with crushed ice. Add Apple Berry Infusion. Top with soda water. Lightly stir.


-Drink within 30 days

-Crew alcohol infusion mixes are pre-measured and handcrafted. Fruits and spices may vary in size and color. Kits are free of additives or preservatives. Natural discoloration may occur. 

Style: Classic
Color: Crew Blue