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Good Measure Jigger

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We fine-tuned a classic bartending essential to create a best-in-class bar tool. 

This jigger is durable and well-calibrated. The ultimate bar workhorse, it includes an unusually large number of engraved measurement lines for precision bartending. Its matte titanium plating is easy on the eyes and provides a smooth, comfy grip for repetitive use and long shifts. Including both internal and external measurements for fast-yet-precise pouring.

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Matte titanium plating

Height: 134mm (5.27")

Width (1oz side): 48mm (1.88")

Width (2oz side): 52mm (2.04")

Capacity: 1oz(small cup) & 2oz (large cup)

Weight: 78g(2.75oz)

Measurement markings

Internal: 1/8oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz, 1oz,1-1/2oz

External: 1oz & 2oz


Hand-wash with warm, soapy water.

Precision Perfected: The Measuring Jigger Difference

Our measuring jigger stands out from the rest, thanks to its meticulously designed features. Its elaborate interior markings are a game-changer, offering crystal-clear, easy-to-read measurements that ensure total precision in every pour. No more squinting or guessing—the Good Measure Jigger leaves nothing to chance. As with the rest of the products in our line, precision is just the beginning. Crafted with consistency in mind, our jigger bar tool delivers spot-on measurements, guaranteeing every cocktail is on-point. Furthermore, it was constructed to withstand the rigors of a bustling bar day in and night out. As if that weren’t enough, our jigger boasts a sleek and stylish design that adds a touch of elegance to any craft bar setup. It's not just a tool; it's a statement piece.

Pro Tips for Using a Bar Jigger

  1. When building a cocktail, always start with the least expensive ingredients first (like syrups or juices) and work your way toward more expensive ones (like spirits). That way, when you mess up(and you will), your mistake will be less costly to the establishment.

  2. If you've worked around professional bartenders, then you’ve probably heard the term “meniscus.” Meniscus refers to the concave upper surface of a liquid that forms through surface tension. When measuring a full one- or two-ounce pour, look for the meniscus forming at the top of the jigger to ensure it is filled to brimful capacity. If the liquid doesn't form a dome-like shape, then you're at risk of under-pouring that ingredient which, in turn, could throw off your cocktail’s flavor.

  3. Wash and reset both sides of your jigger after each use. Failing to clean and reset bar tools is a huge pet peeve in the industry for efficiency reasons (aka mise en place). Moreover, failing to wash a jigger after each use results in remnants from one cocktail inadvertently making their way into the next (Martini with a splash of Bloody Mary mix, anyone? No thank you.)



In the world of modern mixology, pouring with precision and consistency allows bartenders to consistently deliver great cocktails. Here, we'll explore the role that jiggers play in doing so. We’ll also compare the pros of using a jigger versus free pouring from a liquor bottle with a pour spout.

Pros of Using a Jigger

  1. Consistency: Great bartenders are able to replicate recipes over and over, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of signature drinks, satisfying guests and establishing a strong reputation, which, in turn, drives repeat customers.

  2. Accuracy: Pouring alcohol in exact measurements ensures every cocktail is made according to its precise specifications, preserving the establishment’s brand identity and keeping patrons coming back again and again. Further, accuracy in cocktail making pays respect to the original recipe creator (or, in many instances, the bar manager).

  3. Efficiency: Free pouring may feel quicker, but if you mess up, it actually slows you down because you have to restart the entire process (it’s better to dump out ¼ ounce of simple syrup than an entire cocktail, right?) Jiggers also speed up the training process for new bartenders, ensuring they quickly learn the correct measurements and ratios.

  4. Responsible Service: Heavy-handed bartenders might make extra tips, but there's a huge risk to their patrons. Using a jigger prevents over-pouring, ensuring that customers enjoy their drinks in moderation and reducing the risk of overindulgence and blackouts.

  5. Profit Loss: Pouring more alcohol than you're charging for is a surefire way to go out of business, especially considering how tight margins are at bars and restaurants. Jigger bar tools play a crucial role in managing inventory and preventing liquor loss or theft, helping bars and restaurants maintain tighter control over their valuable assets and ultimately improving their bottom line.

Pros of Free Pouring

  1. Showmanship: When performed by skilled professionals, free pouring adds a touch of showmanship to the bartending experience, captivating customers with flair and creating an engaging atmosphere that enhances their overall enjoyment.

  2. High-Volume Efficiency: Free pouring can be highly efficient in high-volume bars or events where speed is of the essence. Experienced bartenders can quickly serve multiple drinks without the need to measure each pour meticulously, ensuring patrons receive their drinks promptly during busy periods.

  3. Creativity: Free pouring allows bartenders to experiment with mixology by adjusting measurements on the fly. This flexibility enables them to craft custom cocktails tailored to individual customer preferences, making the bar experience more interactive and personalized.

Bar Jigger for Craft Bartending

Understanding Jigger Measurements

In the world of bartending, precision is the cornerstone of crafting exceptional cocktails, and this is where jiggers come into play. Designed to measure and pour precise amounts of liquid ingredients, the typical jigger consists of two conical or cylindrical cups, one larger than the other, and is marked with measurement lines for various volumes, usually in ounces and milliliters.

Common Jigger Measurements

Jiggers come in various sizes, but some of the most common measurements found on these tools include:

1/4 oz (7.5 ml): This is the smallest measurement on most jiggers, perfect for adding tiny amounts of ingredients like bitters or liqueurs to a cocktail.

1/2 oz (15 ml): This measurement is commonly used for smaller spirits and mixers, adding a balanced flavor without overwhelming the cocktail.

3/4 oz (22.5 ml): This is a versatile measurement that can be used for a slightly stronger pour or for those cocktails that require a bit more of a specific ingredient.

1 oz (30 ml): The classic one-ounce measurement is ideal for many base spirits and serves as a foundation for countless cocktail recipes.

1-1/2 oz (45 ml): This larger measurement is often used for cocktails that call for a generous pour of a single spirit, such as a classic Margarita or Daiquiri.

2 oz (60 ml): Often the brimful capacity of the larger cup, two-ounce measurements are often called for in spirit-forward cocktails like Sazeracs, Martinis and Old Fashioned cocktails

With these jigger measurements at their disposal, bartenders can precisely control the composition of each cocktail, ensuring that it tastes just as intended. Whether crafting intricate cocktails or timeless classics, the accuracy afforded by jigger measurements is the key to mixology mastery.

Jigger Styles

Jigger Styles

Jiggers come in various styles, each designed to cater to different preferences and mixing techniques. Here, we'll explore some common jigger styles and provide a brief description of each.


A single-sided jigger has a single measuring cup with measurement markings on one side, offering simplicity and ease of use. It's great for bartenders who prefer a straightforward approach to measuring ingredients.


The double-sided jigger features two measuring cups of different capacities, one on each end. This versatile design allows bartenders to switch between measurements quickly, making it ideal for crafting a wide range of cocktails.

Japanese-Style Jigger

Inspired by Japanese bartending precision, this jigger typically has a taller and more slender design. It offers precise measurements and a sleek aesthetic, favored by those who appreciate minimalist elegance in their bar tools.

Bell Jigger

The bell jigger is named for its bell-like shape and often features different measurement capacities on each side. Its ergonomic design allows for easy pouring and precise measurement, making it a favorite among professional bartenders.

Hourglass Jigger

Resembling an hourglass, this jigger has a slender waist, making it easy to hold and pour with precision. It typically offers multiple measurement options on both sides.

Ounce-Centric Jigger

These jiggers primarily focus on measurements in ounces, which is common in the United States. They may have markings in other units as well, but their main emphasis is on the ounce measurements.

Multi-Measure Jigger

Multi-measure jiggers are designed for bartenders who want maximum versatility. They feature multiple measurement lines on both sides, accommodating various cocktail recipes.

Single-Sided Vs. Double-Sided Jiggers: How to Decide Which to Stock at Your Bar

When deciding between a single-sided and a double-sided jigger, consider your mixing style and the variety of cocktails you plan to prepare.

Single-Sided Jigger: Opt for a single-sided jigger if you typically make cocktails that require consistent measurements, such as classic recipes with straightforward ingredient ratios. It's also great for those who prefer a simpler, clutter-free tool.

Double-Sided Jigger: Choose a double-sided jigger if you enjoy crafting a wide range of cocktails with different measurements. The dual capacities offer versatility and save time when switching between various recipes. It's a valuable tool for bartenders who appreciate flexibility and precision in their craft.

Ultimately, the choice between these jigger styles comes down to your personal preferences and the demands of your establishment. Whether you prefer the straightforwardness of a single-sided jigger or the versatility of a double-sided one, both styles can elevate your mixology game when used skillfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Good Measure Jigger be used for both cocktails and other types of beverages?

Yes, the Good Measure Jigger is perfect for any drink recipes that require a level of precision. From coffee drinks to mocktails, jiggers are essential for accurately measuring drink ingredients.

How long can I expect a Good Measure Jigger to last?

This jigger is built to stand the test of time. If, for any reason, your jigger is flawed or malfunctioning, you can exchange it or return it for a full refund.

Can the Good Measure Jigger be used by both professional bartenders and home enthusiasts?

We think the Good Measure Jigger is the perfect solution for both professional bartending and at-home mixology. While its excessive measurement markings make it the most calibrated tool on the market for precision bartending, its sleek design also adds a dash of class to any home bar.

What design features make the Good Measure Jigger different from other bar jiggers on the market?

What sets this jigger apart from the pack is its attention to detail. The Good Measure Jigger includes more internal measurement markings than other jiggers on the market, making it the premier option for craft bar and coffee programs. For businesses that value presentation, it’s also quite the eye-catcher.

Can the Good Measure Jigger be used for bartending competitions or events?

Absolutely. Competition-level bartenders know the devil is in the details. Whether you’re serving, practicing, or competing, we always suggest using the most precise tools available. 

Are there any cocktails or techniques that the Good Measure Jigger is not suitable for?

If you’re a “speed at all costs” type of establishment, this may not be the jigger for you. The Good Measure Jigger fills a void for craft programs that value precision and efficiency in equal measure (pardon the pun) and never compromise on quality.

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