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Bar Supplies for Craft Bar Programs

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Introducing a new category of built-to-last bar supplies
made by professionals, for professionals.
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Our dry goods collection makes it easy to stock prep stations and boost cocktail presentation while reducing labor costs.
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Outfit your program with modern tools
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Enhance your aesthetic with stylish bar supplies that guests admire and staff are proud to use. From pour spouts that complement your concept to matte titanium bar jiggers, Crew® products instill pride while sending a message to guests that they’re in good hands.

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bar supplies made better

After years of working in bars and restaurants, we were fed up with cheap, unreliable tools. Driven by industry experience, we developed a new category of bar tools for programs that value quality, craftsmanship, and efficiency.

At the heart of Crew lies a deep understanding of industry pain points and a passion for the F&B community. We design our bar tools through the lens of hospitality experience to empower modern beverage programs and industry professionals to create exceptional guest experiences.

Pour spout being placed in infusion bottle at a craft bar

Pour Boy® Pour Spouts

In true Crew fashion, we scrutinized every detail of this essential bar tool to create the perfect speed pourer for craft cocktail and coffee bars.


The perfect barware!

This bottle is everything I was looking for! Been working in the food/hospitality industry for years and these products answer so many of my needs! Will be getting more very soon.

Anthony O.

Game-changing F&B products

Fantastic! These products are fast becoming recognized as some of the best in the industry, for good reason.

Sam M.

Great Quality & Super Functional!

I love these bottles! The glass is high quality, instead of cheap plastic alternatives. The removable bases have great grip to prevent slippage when filling them and cleaning is SO much easier than other alternatives! 

Bryan S.

Barware of dreams!

Your dreams literally come true.

Kevin B.

Love the design

Colorful! Just a fun, sleek addition to your barware!

Roberto J.

Expert-level products!

These bottles are a godsend. Tough, durable, and expertly manufactured. The removable bases make batching and infusions SO much easier. Love, love, love my Crew bottles!

Tim S.


Best Bottles in the Business! Love, Love, LOVE these bottles. Super efficient for bar prep and flow.

Eric D.

Function meets design

Perfect balance of design and utility. Definitely great for holding syrups behind or on top of the bar just to show off.

Simon L.

Modern Bar Supplies Store and Pour Bottle

Work Smarter

Crew designs innovative bar tools to boost efficiency and help modern beverage programs work smarter, not harder. From prep to pour, our bar supplies streamline cocktail creation and drink service.

barware mixing glass and cocktails strainer

Durable by Design

After years of working in bars and restaurants, we were fed up with cheap, unreliable bar supplies. As a result, we developed a new category of bar tools that stand up to the demands of the industry. The durability of our products lies in their innovative designs and the insights that come from a decade of industry experience. Making quality bar supplies is a simple concept, but considering the bar tools available to professionals today, it’s also a revolutionary one.

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Bar Supplies on Auto-pilot

Bar Supplies on Auto-pilot

From dried fruit garnishes to plant-based cocktail straws, our dry goods make it easy to elevate presentation while keeping labor costs in check.

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In the realm of craft bars and restaurants, where innovation and creativity flourish, every detail matters. From the ambiance to the drinks served, each element contributes to the overall guest experience. Learn how your purchasing decisions impact guest experience.

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What Are Some Common Bar Tools?

Bar Jigger

A jigger is used to measure and pour liquid ingredients, like alcohol. It contains two connected cups, one smaller and the other larger. The larger size typically holds about 1.5—2 ounces, and the smaller usually accommodates between 0.75—1 ounces. This tool prevents over-pouring while ensuring precise measurements so that mixologists can create the perfect cocktail every time.

Cocktail Strainer

A cocktail strainer holds back any solid materials as a mixed cocktail is poured into the serving glass. These materials can include ice, herbs, fruit, seeds or any other ingredients that could compromise cocktail flavor or mouthfeel.

Pour Spout

Designed to channelize and regulate the flow of spirits and liquid ingredients, pour spouts help control the volume, precision and speed of every pour. These nifty devices promise accuracy, prevent spillage, and save time.

Bar Spoon

A bar spoon is a spoon with an especially long handle that makes it easy to stir drinks, no matter the height of the glass. Because of its twirled stem, the spoon can swivel effortlessly between a bartender's fingers. This keeps it from aerating the cocktail inadvertently.

Mixing Glass

A mixing glass is an essential bar tool that allows bartenders to blend, chill and dilute cocktail ingredients. Although cocktail mixing glasses vary in size and design, they are typically made of glass and possess a smooth inner wall which enables bartenders to stir drinks with ease.Coupled with a bar spoon and strainer, you can use a mixing glass to create up to 3 stirred cocktails at once.

Batch Bottle

Also known as “cheater bottles” or “craft bottles,” batch bottles are used by modern bars and coffee shops to store and pour everything from house-made ingredients—like fresh juices and simple syrups—to pre-batched cocktails and other drink-modifying ingredients.

Bar Tool Design Ethos

Designed through the lens of hands-on bartending experience, our bar supplies blend quality, sleek modernity, and unparalleled functionality. In using them, industry professionals are able to work with a greater sense of pride and efficiency.

It’s both our commitment to exceptional quality and our laser focus on the end result that have allowed us to develop a better bar supply for craft bars and coffee shops.  A shining example of our design ethos is Crew’s Pour Boy® Pour Spout, which has become a go-to for craft bartenders and baristas who value precision and speed.

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frequently asked questions

Who should use Crew® bar supplies?

While we designed our tools for professional bartenders, we know home hobbyists and budding mixologists can benefit from using them, too. At the end of the day, the best drinks are those made from the best ingredients using the best tools—and we’ve got the best tools for everyone.

What is your return policy?

If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund or replacement. We’ll be happy to cover the associated shipping cost. Your refund will be processed after we receive the items. To start a return, please reach out to

How long do your bar tools last?

Crew products are designed to hold up in demanding, fast-paced industry environments. That being said, If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with their durability, please reach out to our Support team, so we can make it right.

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