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Best cocktail strainer wooden handle

Standard Strainer

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Bartender-tested, industry-approved.  

In true Crew fashion, we meticulously analyzed each component of this everyday bar tool and redeveloped a better version with bar professionals in mind.  The result?  A world-class strainer with incredible functionality and industry-grade quality.  If you're a technique nerd with a passion for the craft, this is the strainer for you. 

Durable, stylish, and user-friendly, this perfectly balanced cocktail strainer is all about the details.  Forged from high-quality gunmetal steel with an eye-catching walnut handle for a professional look and feel.  Our adaptable design is fully compatible with standard cocktail shakers and mixing glasses, making it a go-to strainer for craft bartending or at-home mixology.

Pair it with our Craft Tech® Mixing Glass and Better Bar Spoon for a complete stirred cocktail system built for professional use. 


  • High coil-count traps ice shards for crystal clear cocktails

  • Finger tab for precision pouring and flow-rate control

  • Smooth walnut handle for a professional look and comfortable grip

  • Fully compatible with standard cocktail shakers and mixing glasses

  • Rugged and stylish matte grey finish

  • High-quality steel for superior durability

  • Hanging loop for easy organization and quick service


Height: 195mm (7.67")

Width: 73mm (2.87")

Weight: 226g (8oz)

Versatile Design

Compatible design works with standard

shakers and mixing glasses.

Uncompromising Quality

Tools of the trade built from quality materials.


Designed by industry professionals

for comfort and performance.