Craft Tech® Mixing Glass
Cocktail Mixing Glass Bar Tool
Bartender Stirring Negroni
bartending stirring a Cocktail Mixing Glass Bar Tool
Cocktail Mixing Glass Bar Tool
Bartender Pouring from Mixing Glass
Cocktail Mixing Glass Bar Tool
Craft Tech® Mixing Glass
Bartender Double Stirring Cocktails
Bartender pouring two cocktails at once

Craft Tech® Mixing Glass

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Meet your new cocktail companion.

We combined timeless design with Crew-grade quality to deliver the last cocktail mixing glass you'll ever need. Handmade from our coveted Craft Tech® Glass for heavy-duty use, this beautifully balanced mixing glass is as tough as it is pretty.

Say sayonara to clunky stirring. The carefully crafted bowl is a bar spoon's best friend, making for a smooth, ergonomic stir, every time.  Our sleek, minimal design complements any aesthetic and fills the void for a user-friendly mixing vessel without all the lavish excess and unnecessary flair. 

We went big with 1000ml capacity so you can build multiple cocktails at once without risking an overflow. Weighing in at a lean 1.25lb, it's light enough for speedy bartending but sturdy enough to stay put while stirring. Our Craft Tech® Mixing Glass strikes the sweet spot between form and function, making it the go-to mixing vessel for industry professionals and at-home mixologists alike.


  • Made by hand from lab-grade Craft Tech® Glass
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Sleek, minimal design
  • Tapered bowl design for smooth stirring


  • 1000ml brimful capacity
  • 1lb 6oz (680g)


For faster, more effective cleaning. Let the dishwasher do the dirty work.


Tried-and-true Craft Tech® Glass for superior performance and durability.

User Friendly

Designed by industry professionals

for smooth, effortless stirring.