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Pour Boy® Pour Spout

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In true Crew fashion, we scrutinized every detail of this essential tool to create the perfect speed pourer for craft cocktail and coffee bars.  

Unlike competitor spouts, Pour Boys® are designed to stay intact while being removed from snug or sticky bottlenecks—no more prying. Now available in 8 industry-friendly tones, these workhorses serve as a color-coded labeling system for better organization and increased efficiency. Engineered to pour at the optimal flow rate for speed and precision, our Pour Boys® are the last spouts you’ll ever buy.   

  • Fits snugly in most standard liquor bottles
  • Durable design for high performance and longevity
  • Soft, comfortable grip
  • Optimal flow-rate for cocktail bartending
  • Available in multiple colors for increased organization and ingredient identification
  • Smooth, consistent stream for precision pouring
  • Silicone dust caps included

Spout length: 41mm (1.6”)

Total length: 107mm (4.2”)

Diameter: 32mm (1.25”)

  • Durable, non-reactive stainless steel
  • FDA-approved TPE
  • Silicone

Hand-wash with warm, soapy water.

Just Get Them...

These are the best spouts I’ve used so far. They don’t leak, they fit a variety of bottles, and they are easy to get off to clean and swap bottles. You’ll thank yourself as a bartender or barista for buying these.

Adriel G.

Solid Construction!

Very sturdy spout. You can tell this is built to last and withstand a lot of use.

Randy L.

The Best Accessory

Easy to clean and they do not get gunked up, even with the stickiest syrups.

Franklin R.

Pour Spout FAQ

What makes Pour Boy® Pour Spouts different from other speed pourers?

For starters, they’re built to last forever. Speed pourers have a reputation among industry professionals for falling apart on the job. Unlike competitor spouts, Pour Boy® Pour Spouts are overmolded (encasing the steel parts in a durable, food-grade polymer) to keep all components intact—no more prying lifeless spouts from sticky bottlenecks or fishing for a functional pourer during a busy shift. 

Producing pour spouts in this fashion is more challenging (which is probably why our competitors don’t), but the result is a long-lasting, user-friendly speed pourer that industry professionals appreciate.

Do Pour Boy® Pour Spouts fit all bottle types?

Pour Boy® Pour Spouts are designed to be compatible with most standard sized liquor bottle necks. We developed our speed pourers specifically to accommodate a wider array of bottle neck sizes than competitor pour spouts. Disclaimer: Pour Boy® Pour Spouts don’t fit wide-mouth bottles like Patrón or gallon “handles” of liquor (but stay tuned, we’re working on it).

Naturally, our spouts match our bottles perfectly.

Do Pour Boy® Pour Spouts work with different types of liquids?

Yes. The steel pouring spout and air tube are engineered to a specific diameter that allows different liquids to flow steadily. Our bottle pourers work with everything from low-viscosity spirits to thick simple syrups.

Why do you offer so many color options for pour spouts?

We offer an array of industry-friendly tones to help craft programs color-code ingredients. This makes it easy to organize and identify ingredients on the fly, which is vital for high-volume programs that utilize a dozen or more liquor pour spouts.

Are Pour Boy® Pour Spouts dishwasher safe?

Yes, our pour spouts are dishwasher safe. But be forewarned, commercial dishwashers tend to swallow small bar tools like pour spouts, jiggers, steel straws and strainer coils. If you’re running pour spouts through a dishwasher, we’d suggest using a dishwasher-safe basket.