Pride Pack
Barware Pour Spouts Syrup Bottles
Cocktail Kit with Pour Spouts
Pride Pack by Mythology and Mixology Influencer

Pride Pack

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It's nice to have options. That's why we created a value-packed bundle starring a variety of Crew’s best and brightest. This colorful, compatible set lets you mix (or match) components to distinguish ingredients, suit your style or show your pride. How great is that? Treat yourself to the full spectrum of Crew and get ready for fun levels to go way, way up.


  • 2 "Crafty" Crew Bottles®
  • 1 "Classic" Crew Bottle®
  • 3 Chubby Bottles
  • 6 Pour Boy® Pour Spouts
  • 6 Crew Caps
  • 6 colors included


Bottles: Shatter-resistant Craft Tech® Glass

Bases: BPA-Free polypropylene, FDA-approved silicone

Caps: Unvarnished beech wood, synthetic cork

Pour Spouts: Non-reactive stainless steel, FDA-approved silicone


#PourWithPride is in recognition of businesses that cultivate LGBTQ+ affirming environments. Do you know a team that pours with pride? We love to connect with forward-thinking groups in the industry. Drop us a line.   

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Tried-and-true Craft Tech® Glass for superior performance and durability.


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