Our Story

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Born of necessity

After years of working in bars and restaurants, we grew increasingly frustrated with unreliable, ineffective equipment. Everywhere we turned, quality and craftsmanship took a backseat to cheap, disposable bar supplies. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We spent years developing a new category of tools for people and programs that take pride in what they do.


The brand behind the barware

Crew was created to add a much-needed boost in quality to the barware market and inspire bartenders, baristas, and at-home mixologists to pursue their passion confidently and creatively. We spent years working behind the bar. As a result, our products are designed with a keen understanding of the F&B industry and how tools of the trade can be improved.


Where quality meets craftsmanship

Crew became the only barware brand to prioritize innovation and reusability by focusing on problems rather than products. We craft our tools through the lens of industry professionals for world-class quality and optimal functionality.


By bartenders, for bartenders.

"Throughout my 10-year bartending career, I grew increasingly dissatisfied with the poor quality of barware available to industry professionals and aspiring mixologists. While other tradespeople have access to professional gear, the bartending community relied on a market filled with low-quality tools that almost seem designed to fall apart. There was a clear void for high-quality, functional barware that needed to be filled. Bartenders needed a Craftsman® — enter Crew Supply Co.® We believe bartending is a legitimate profession that deserves the same top-quality tools of the trade. Tools that inspire more making and less making do. By focusing on problems, rather than on products, we develop solutions to our customers' pain-points and innovate in ways that other barware brands can't."