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Why Crew?

After years of working in bars and restaurants, we grew increasingly frustrated with unreliable, ineffective equipment. Everywhere we turned, quality and craftsmanship took a backseat to cheap, disposable supplies. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We spent years developing a new category of tools for people who take pride in what they do – our crew.

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Products with a purpose

We understand that food and beverage waste extends beyond bars and restaurants and that the first step to reducing the flow of plastic pollution is turning off the tap. That’s why Crew products are designed to be durable - and more importantly - reusable. Whether you’re serving a packed house or entertaining at home, you can be part of the solution by using Crew products again and again.

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A modern approach

Our passion for creating better barware stems from our industry roots. We hold ourselves to a high standard because we know well-made products make a big difference to people that work behind the bar. We develop high-quality equipment as a digitally native brand to deliver value directly to our consumers.