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Music & Hospitality

Ah, music and bars, bars and music. They just go together. In fact, one without the other feels painfully unfinished. As a bartender of several years, you come to realize a certain auditory phenomenon: you can hear every conversation happening at the bar. Sometimes it’s a salacious tale of lovers, sometimes a business person celebrating the statistical musings of their quarterly sales report, sometimes just two friends talking shit. And those are all agreeable terms on which to pull up a stool at your local watering hole. Bars were made for shit-talk, public conversation, private conversation, catching up, first dates, breakups, business meetings, reunions. Good hospitality from a bartender is selective listening and server-guest confidentiality. If you hear someone is...

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How to Drive More Bar or Restaurant Traffic with SEO

  Forget about ordering delivery. A recent study revealed Americans are eating out more often than ever. Most prefer the experience of dining in more than ordering takeout. 56% eat out at least 2 or 3 times each week. 10% of people dine out at least 4 times weekly. It's great news for restaurant and bar owners, especially if you can figure out how to turn these hungry locals into foot traffic. 94% of smartphone users search for nearby restaurants and bars when they're on-the-go. 9 out of 10 potential diners click on the first results instead of scrolling through a long list of search results. If you aren't ranked toward the top of dining options in your area, you could be missing...

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7 Easy Simple Syrup Recipes for your Home Bar

One of our four main tastes, sweetness is a critical component to a good drink, helping to balance acidity and bitterness. But adding sugar or honey to an iced drink is not that easy. A simple syrup maximizes the mixing potential of sweetness. A bar staple, simple syrup can be simply sugar water or a more flavorful foundation. Easily create your own syrup to enhance your handcrafted cocktails. Follow the guidance below to re-create one of the listed recipes or to create a more complex concoction of your own imagining. The Simplest Simple Syrup At its most basic, simple syrup is made by dissolving equal parts granulated sugar and water. Pour 1 cup of white granulated sugar and 1 cup...

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